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Weekly Devotion
Week of September 16th


(See Pastor's Corner for full devotion)

Sunday Worship Schedule

8:00 Communion Liturgical
9:00 Contemporary
11:00 Traditional

9:00 & 11:00 Live on Facebook

Update as of August 25th

Dear Family & Friends of First United Methodist Church of Dunnellon,

I want to give you an update of where we are regarding the different openings and activities in our church. As most of you know we have been practicing “in person” worship for the last three Sundays. We have started back with an 8 o’clock Communion/Liturgical Service which only last 30 minutes. Communion cups are available on the round table when folks come in so that they can pick one up. We share them together at the close of that service. Time is allowed in between services to wipe down the pews for our 9 o’clock Contemporary Service, and then again for our 11 o’clock Traditional Service.

Our plan right now is to have Communion for all three services on Sunday, September 6th. For those who attend in-person worship, the pre-filled, sealed communion cups will be on the round table to pick one up as you arrive for service. We want those that will be joining us for online worship that Sunday to be able to participate in Communion as well, so on Friday and Saturday, September 4th & 5th, we will place some pre-filled, sealed communion cups outside of our Sanctuary, on the two benches on each side of the front doors. This will allow those that are not able to attend in-person worship time to drive by and pick up a communion cup before worship on Sunday. Presently we have been keeping Upper Room Devotionals and Prayer Boxes out on the benches for folks to continue to receive access to those ministries as well.

We are excited to have started back Sunday school at the 9 o’clock hour for the children. Last Sunday we had 11 children :-). Ms. Irene also offers a children’s program, like she has in the past, at the 11 o’clock service. Children are taken directly to the Sunday School wing and not into the Sanctuary.

Starting this Thursday, August 27th we will be offering a midweek worship service in our Sanctuary from 3 to 4pm. I will offer the midweek intercessions as well as collect any “J“ Dollars for the Homeless Ministry. Our study will be on the Holy Spirit.

Starting Sunday, August 30th, our Adult Sunday School class, led by Barbara Keller, will start meeting again at the 9:30 hour in our Friendship Hall. Both of our Tuesday Bible Study classes have already resumed. Our Prayer Ministry groups have started back meeting as well on Thursday evenings. We are not sure yet when we will start back the Wednesday Night services because the concept of gathering for a dinner remains slightly problematic at this time. The Lord will give us wisdom and direction as time goes on for that ministry and others as well.

Second Life Thrift Shop opens back up this Wednesday, August 26th. The following week they will resume a full schedule and be open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday from 10 to 4pm, and Saturdays from 10 to 2pm.

Our United Methodist Women and United Methodist Men programs will begin to open back up in the Fall.

We continue to encourage everyone to wear a facemask to all gatherings when they cannot socially distance. We have replaced the AC filters for protection and have multiple sanitizing stations throughout our church campus.

We will try to keep all of you posted as the activities continue to increase and possibly change as we go into the season of Autumn. May the good Lord give you peace and wisdom and guide you during these days. We know that he is still on the throne and that he will direct our every path. May the blessings of Christ give you strength in all your endeavors.





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A Word from Our Pastor

Pastor Eddie Fulford and his wife

I am blessed to have such a beautiful wife and seven children. My family and I have greatly enjoyed the Dunnellon area and are excited to be a part of such dynamic church growth.
I have been ordained since 1989 and this is my fourth appointment ministering to a local congregation. I have served the church on the District level in two areas and the Annual Conference on the Board of Church and Society. 
I can't imagine pastoring anywhere else at this time of my life. I have no doubt that God has blessed me greatly by serving this wonderful congregation."

Pastor's Weekly Devotion
Week of September 14, 2020
Our devotion this week comes from the Upper Room, September 16th.
The focus is on experiencing peace. The scripture reference is Psalm 16. I love the author’s reality expressed in how fear became the constant companion. The author tells us of a very dark time early in life and never being able to shake that the future is insecure.
Of all times in our country and in our world, life seems insecure with the coronavirus. How do we find peace with God in the midst of these storms? It seems like when one storm is upon us like war we know that there will be an ending. We don’t see an ending regarding the virus at this present time.
I’m sure there will be but there’s no way to put that down in fine print. Therefore our reality is one of instability. How can we maneuver these unstable times and have the peace of God?
I love Hebrews 11:6, where it says that we must believe that God is and that he rewards those who diligently seek him. We must start with believing in God and we must go from there, that God is good and there’s so much in life that shows that even if our particular situation doesn’t at this time.
Psalm 16 reminds us that He is the creator of the universe and He is on our right hand. That gives our author tremendous strength and courage and opened an avenue of peace.
Philippians 4 tells us to have a rejoicing attitude even if we don’t feel like it. This shows that we believe that God will take care of us, come what may.
This is according to Romans 8:28 that all things work together for good for those who love the Lord and those called according to his purpose. Are you able to enter into that calm, or what the Bible would say your Sabbath of rest?
The world needs us Christians to be able to do that so that we can offer them hope. Peace is not in itself a road without bumps and potholes. Peace is a knowledge deep inside that God is in control, that God loves us and that he is working for our benefit. It tells us that we have a future home in heaven and He has a way for us to even experience the abundant life today.
Maybe this week you want to take a few moments and visualize what would give you peace. Some picture, through the power of the Holy Spirit, should come to your mind and let that stay with you so that you can go there anytime stress and anxiety and potholes and bumps come your way. When you are secure in maneuvering that direction, pass it on to someone else.

Before Aspirin & Other Things Devotions by Pastor Eddie Fulford

The book, "Before Aspirin & Other Things" was written by Pastor Eddie's dad, Reverend Joseph E. Fulford.
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Gospel Knights
Written by Pastor Eddie Fulford
Christian Fantasy with audience focus from teenage---young adult.
To order this book, just click the link below.
Hope you enjoy Pastor's version
of Bullywink Lego's!



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