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Overcoming Darkness
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December 21st
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December 24th
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January 17, 2020 - January 19, 2020
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January 31, 2020 - February 2, 2020
Warren W. Willis United Methodist Camp
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A Word from Our Pastor

Pastor Eddie Fulford and his wife
I am blessed to have such a beautiful wife and seven children. My family and I have greatly enjoyed
the Dunnellon area and are excited to be a part of such dynamic church growth. I have been ordained
since 1989 and this is my fourth appointment ministering to a local congregation. I have served the church
on the District level in two areas and the Annual Conference on the Board of Church and Society.
I can't imagine pastoring anywhere else at this time of my life. I have no doubt that God has blessed
me greatly by serving this wonderful congregation."
          Pastor's Weekly Devotion
                                               (December 10th)


   Our devotion this week comes from December 11 and it's titled, "Everyone Invited" :-)
I love the Bible verse from Matthew 22:9, "go to the street corners and invite to the banquet
anyone you find."
   This is the story that Jesus shares which makes it abundantly clear that God is seeking
all of us and inviting all of us to his heavenly banquet. I don't know about you during this
Christmas season but that just makes me feel good. :-)
   Now, I believe there's a little confusion with the concept that all are welcome at the Lord's
table also meaning to sound like God does not desire repentance or change through his
grace and power in this life.
   At the end of the story God makes it clear that everyone is given the Lord's garment
or clothing to wear at the wedding feast so that all seem equal and not a few better dressed
than others. In this story, someone refuses to put on the Lord's garment and is cast out by
the Lord. 
   I'm also reminded of John chapter eight where Jesus forgives a woman caught in
adultery and yet he ends the passage by saying, "go and sin no more." Is the Lord just
trying to be difficult? :-)
   I believe He knows what is best for us and we hold to that if we believe God is good...
The Bible teaches us many areas about how to love the Lord and that is to keep his
commandments, John 14:15. The good news is that even though we were all sinners
and have all fallen short of the glory of God...everyone is invited to his banqueting table. :-)





Gospel Knights
Written by Pastor Eddie Fulford
Christian Fantasy with audience focus from teenage---young adult.
To order this book, just click the link below.
Hope you enjoy Pastor's version
of Bullywink Lego's!



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