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Weekly Worship Schedule
UPDATED July 18, 2021

Sunday In-Person Worship

Communion Liturgical @ 8:00am
Contemporary @ 9:30am
Traditional @ 11:00am

Sunday Livestreaming
(Live here on our website, click media link on right)
Contemporary @ 9:30am
Traditional @ 11:00am

(Available on our Facebook & Youtube once livestreaming has ended)
Contemporary @ 10:30am
Traditional @ 12:30pm

Sunday School
Adult Sunday School @ 9:30am in FH
Children's Sunday School @ 9:30 & 11:00am

(Children will be released to class from worship service)

Midweek Worship w/ Pastor
Thursday @ 3:00pm in Sanctuary

Bible Study Schedule
(All Bible Studies are currently held in Friendship Hall)

Morning Bible Study @ 10:00am
Evening Bible Study @ 6:00pm

Family Ministries @ 6:00pm
(Breakout groups for bible study for Adults, Youth & Children)

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A Word from Our Pastor

Pastor Eddie Fulford and his wife

I am blessed to have such a beautiful wife and seven children. My family and I have greatly enjoyed the Dunnellon area and are excited to be a part of such dynamic church growth.
I have been ordained since 1989 and this is my fourth appointment ministering to a local congregation. I have served the church on the District level in two areas and the Annual Conference on the Board of Church and Society. 
I can't imagine pastoring anywhere else at this time of my life. I have no doubt that God has blessed me greatly by serving this wonderful congregation."

The Woodland Critters Booklets

Bullywink Booklet I

Bullywink Booklet II



Pastor's Weekly Devotion

Week of November 8, 2021

Our devotion this week comes from Wednesday, November 10. The title of the message is, "Offering what we have." The verse for memorization is Psalm 118:22, "

The stone that the builders rejected has become the chief corner stone."  Once again we have another great devotion in our series by the Upper Room.  The author talks about preparing to throw away a wheel barrel because it had gone bad and worn out and saw someone there that needed a new wheel to fix theirs and was able to take it. He said it made him feel so good that his throw away had become somebody's treasure. We just had our yearly flea market that the Methodist women do and they raised thousands of dollars which all goes to ministry and mission.

Taking what we all gave now had become a treasure to someone else. I'm going to quote a few thoughts from our our author.

" When I am discouraged by my mistakes, I try to remember that sometimes by offering the things we may overlook or devalue we become blessings to others. God can use what we reject to change the world."   

I'm praying this week that you will pray with me for some thing that you may think needs to be thrown away that might be used for the glory of God. Maybe a recent conversation that you wish you had used better verbal skills in, maybe a negative feeling that is weighing you down that could possibly be transformed by God to do something special. If the Lord can take the worst symbol of capital punishment from the Roman empire which is the cross and adorn our altars and necklaces and our homes...then he can turn anything around in our lives. I challenge you to find that area that needs to be transformed this week, in Jesus name, amen,  blessings.



Before Aspirin & Other Things Devotions by Pastor Eddie Fulford

The book, "Before Aspirin & Other Things" was written by Pastor Eddie's dad, Reverend Joseph E. Fulford.
Just click on any of the links below to listen to the devotions on Youtube.
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Gospel Knights
Written by Pastor Eddie Fulford
Christian Fantasy with audience focus from teenage---young adult.
To order this book, just click the link below.
Hope you enjoy Pastor's version
of Bullywink Lego's!



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