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Upcoming Events
Upper Room Topic:
Dog Obedience Class
Sept. 30, Oct. 7, 14, 21-
Nov 11 & 18
6-Week Course
On Church Grounds
Caregiver's Seminar
October 24, 2017
UMW Flea Market
& Bake Sale
October 27th & 28th
Friendship Hall
(Collecting begins October 15th)
UMM BBQ To-Go Dinner
October 27th & 28th
Friendship Hall
Trunk or Treat
October 31st
Starts at 5:30pm
On Church Grounds
More info on homepage
2nd Annual
Harmony Preschool
Craft & Yard Sale
Saturday, Nov 4th
Wednesday's at 6:00pm
All kids between
4 & 10 years old.


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20372 E Pennsylvania Ave Suite G-2
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A Word from Our Pastor

Pastor Eddie Fulford and his wife
I am blessed to have such a beautiful wife and seven children. My family and I have greatly enjoyed
the Dunnellon area and are excited to be a part of such dynamic church growth. I have been ordained
since 1989 and this is my fourth appointment ministering to a local congregation. I have served the church
on the District level in two areas and the Annual Conference on the Board of Church and Society.
I can't imagine pastoring anywhere else at this time of my life. I have no doubt that God has blessed
me greatly by serving this wonderful congregation."
Pastor's Weekly Deovtion
              (October 17th)

   Our devotion this week is titled, "Giving". It comes from Wednesday,
October 8th of our Upper Room series.
   The Bible is very clear that we should give unto others
in the name of the Lord and he will always take care of
our every need.
   There are many verses in the Old and New Testament
that define giving. It is very clear that we cannot give enough
to earn our salvation, but giving is one of the greatest disciplines
in growing in the Lord's favor.
   For this week, sometimes we have opportunities to give
and we don't even see them.
   I want to leave you with some questions to ponder and
discuss among yourselves this week.
   1. Do I feel compelled to tithe unto the Lord?
   2. What does the Bible verse mean when it says give,
and it shall be given unto you?
   3. When has someone, out of the blue, thoroughly
blessed you by giving to meet your need?
   Finally 4. Pray the good Lord to give you an opportunity
to give to someone this week.





Gospel Knights
Written by Pastor Eddie Fulford
Christian Fantasy with audience focus from teenage---young adult.
To order this book, just click the link below.
Hope you enjoy Pastor's version
of Bullywink Lego's!


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